Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jose Guillen

Who knows what is the real story regarding Jose Guillen. While some say that he didn't play in the Philadelphia series out of protest against Frank Robinson's new clubhouse rules, Guillen says that he sat out only because of an injury to his right shoulder. The Post reports that Guillen was emotional in his protestations that the reports of his alleged protest are wrong.

The problem, of course, is that Guillen lashed out at management in the past, so anything that sounds vaguely familiar raises doubts in the minds of fans and reporters. Frank Robinson's vague comments as to why Jose Guillen is no longer the team's leader haven't helped. It may be that a coincidence of events has created a very bad situation.

Who knows? The only thing that matters now is that the Nationals put their very best product on the field. Lots of teams do that despite clubhouse tensions, and there is no reason why the Nationals can't do the same thing.

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