Saturday, September 10, 2005

You've got to be kidding

Cristian Guzman spends much of the season below .200 and is a very big reason why the Nats are not leading the Wild Card Race and only now does Frank Robinson consider sitting him? And only now because he wants to give Guzman the chance to keep his average above The Mendoza Line? That is just pathetic.

Are we being too harsh? We don't think so; we're not the only ones to place a lot of the blame for the Nationals' likely finish on Cristian's shoulders. Rob Neyer has written that the Nats would be leading the race if only they had a replacement level shortstop.

So why wasn't Guzman benched months ago? That's a question every Nats fan should be asking The Excitable Boy and Frank Robinson because both sat by and watched as a horrible player undermined the team's playoff chances.

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