Monday, September 05, 2005

It's Livan or nothing

Ryan Zimmerman (i.e., the Chosen One) led off the bottom of the eighth with a single. Schneider hit for Bennett, and the Marlins intentionally walked him to get to Guzman. Robinson will let Hernandez hit in a rally opportunity, but not Guzman, so Baerga hit for Guzman. I'm not sure about the Hernandez part, but hitting for Guzman is pure genius.

Anyway, Baerga flied out to bring up Hernandez. Justifying every confidence Robinson has shown in him, Livan singled to drive in Zimmerman, making it 2-0.

To top it off, Wilkerson walked to bring up the rejuvenated Byrd. Marlon doubled to drive in Schneider, Hernandez, and Wilkerson. Now the score is 5-0 going to the bottom of the ninth.

You've got to hand it to Robinson--everything he's done has worked out.

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