Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How about this guy?

While we're thinking of acquiring Julio Lugo, why not consider trading for Ken Griffey (.365 OBP, .540 SLG, .905 OPS in 1995)? Yes, he's injury prone, but the Reds will pay a lot of his salary. And so long as we're thinking trade, why not strive for more than an average shortstop?


Brian said...

If they are going to talk to the Reds about an OF. Let's lobby for Adam Dunn who is younger and has much more upside than Junior.

Leiv & Erik said...

We agree that Dunn is the much more attractive candidate, and the Reds appear willing to trade him, which strikes us as crazy.

Natty Bumpo said...

why another outfielder? don't we already have five of those?
it would be nice if wilkerson could play short, or maybe 3B.

Leiv & Erik said...

You're right, we do have a lot of outfielders, and we definitely need serious help at short and third. The problem is that only two of our outfielders--Guillen and Wilkerson--strike us as consistently productive starters. We think that Preston Wilson is a fourth outfielder (check out his stats away from home when he was in Colorado--they're awful!). Ryan Church has been good, but we believe that he, too, is a fourth outfielder.

We think there are three positions where the Nats need an immediate upgrade--left, short, and third. As we've said in some prior posts, there are a number of apparently available players who could fit the bill for the Nats.