Friday, August 26, 2005

A Rally!

Guillen singles to lead off the bottom of the fourth on a dribbler down the first base line that goes foul, but then curves fair. Wilson then doubles Guillen to third. Edmonds makes a nice play to prevent Guillen from scoring by cutting the ball off before it goes to the wall.

Schneider singles hard to Pujols, who is playing in to stop the runner at third from scoring. That ball goes off his wrist and bounces toward the center of the infield. Guillen scores, but Pujols looks like he's hurt. He gets up, but that was a hard shot he took.

First and second and no one out! But Castilla grounds into a double play. Castilla is in our dog house for the way he's played after the first month of the season. You can talk about shortstop, and you're right, of course, but the Nats needs a lot of help at third, too.

Anyway, back to the action. Suppan commits the Cardinal sin by walking Guzman! That's bad, but the Cardinals are OK because Loaiza is up, right? Wrong! He singles up the middle to score Wilson. 3-0 Nats!

Wilkerson walks to load the bases. Vidro is up--another guy in our dog house. He has been really disappointing this year. He's not great, but he should be good. Predictably, he grounds out to end the rally. That's a big run scoring opportunity squandered.

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