Sunday, August 28, 2005

Today's Game

Today's game.

We caught a break today. Instead of facing Mark Mulder, who has been light's out since the All Star Break (2.48 ERA), we face Cal Eldred. Now, we like Cal, and he's been good this year in limited action, but he's no Mark Mulder. Then again, neither was Jason Marquis, and we made him look like Roger Clemens.

The Nationals start John Halama, who hasn't given up a run yet as a National. How deep into this game do you think that streak will go?

Offensively, the Nationals will be even weaker than normal. We're starting our Sunday best of Gary Bennett, Jamey Carroll, AND Cristian Guzman. This could be a frightening exhibition of ineptitude. Let's hope the Nationals somehow can muster some offense.

Go Nats!

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